May 3, 2022
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The most cost-effective and most suitable standard electric powered truck for commercial transportation in Thailand.

Panus Assembly Co., Ltd. offers electric commercial vehicle conversion and integrated solutions. the charging station Electricity management system to the transmission line including maintenance By changing from a combustion engine to an electric motor powered by battery power. to switch from refueling to 100% electric at a cost-effective price and suitable for terrain and road conditions Traffic and the hot and humid temperature of Thailand.

When referring to commercial vehicles, such as pickup trucks, four-wheel trucks six wheeler truck ten wheeler truck or even a drag in the era of expensive oil which is the main cost of transportation Electric trucks are another suitable choice. in reducing oil costs This can be reduced by up to one-fifth a month. However, it is also known for its relatively high price. And imported from abroad often encounter limitations on the size and temperature of the battery set. make the distance limited Including the size of the motor power that is not designed for the terrain and road conditions of Thailand Uphill or winding road conditions will directly affect performance and maintenance. The important thing is In-vehicle software that controls electrical and embedded systems that is usually a closed system As a result, it is difficult to provide after-sales service, whether in data communication or maintenance.

On the contrary In Thailand, there are about 8 million refueling commercial vehicles, making the modified electric truck industry a suitable option. both in terms of cost reduction and emission reduction Thailand has set a target by 2030 that there will be at least 30 percent of electric vehicles on the roads, although Thailand is not the first country to develop the electric vehicle industry. However, Thailand is the first country in the world to include the main policy in the national plan. of the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council or the Council of Ministers, so Panas Assembly is committed to researching and developing modified electric trucks with standards to be suitable for Thai people for Thailand It received research budget support from the National Capital Management and Competitiveness Management Unit (OBEC) under the supervision of the Office of the National Council for Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy (NHSO. ) and cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the Republic of China (Taiwan), including the Faculty of Engineering. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Naresuan University and Thai-Japanese Institute of Technology.

With over 50 years of experience, Panus Assembly Co., Ltd. is the leader in delivering transportation and logistics solutions. Modified electric truck design has initiated from seeking the true needs of customers as a base for research and development ideas to meet the true needs of customers The modification process is then studied and carried out under engineering standards. car structure analysis Computer design and simulation and testing under the standards of the Department of Land Transport The whole process has a team of more than 40 Thai engineers in the development. This makes modifications to a high standard and flexibility. (Customizable) according to the needs of use with a motor with an automatic transmission 6 gears to support uphill slopes And the battery size can be designed, type and capacity according to the usage behavior of each fleet of customers. which may use the car at different times and routes can pay back quickly without having to buy a new car that is expensive and payback for a long time. Incidentally, when converted to an electric car 100%, the number of parts of the car can be reduced by 70% and can make after-sales management easier and faster for Panus Assembly Bley itself provides after-sales service through online channels. and service centers across the country Of course, the development of programs and software in the car itself from the beginning. will be able to perform maintenance as convenient as possible for customers because they know all the control system information With these functions, Panus Assembly has delivered the “Fastest payback and best payback for Thailand” converted electric trucks for the first time publicly and at Bangkok International. Motorshow 2022 Future Mobility booth (A22/2) Impact Challenger Hall from March 23 – April 3.

Panus Assembly has a clear strategic plan. To create results for the country and expand into the world market By preparing for new factories and developing specialist personnel with educational institutions in the network to support mass production Supply chain management for quality and on-time delivery of goods and services Develop infrastructure by establishing a test center for the performance and standards of electric trucks. There is a business model for both modifications at the company itself and distribution of kits with manuals and training to the network of garages who are interested. as well as being a cost-effectiveness analysis consultant Power network management to support charging stations Service of registration of change of registration including providing services through digital platforms This will distribute income to the foundation and create a sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem.

With the vision of the company that focuses on commercial innovation, Panus Assembly is constantly innovating, researching, developing and building a network of alliances in the field of modern automotive technology. Currently, it has signed a cooperation agreement with CATL batteries, the world’s number one in battery development. Creating cooperation in joint research and development of electric charging station service system with PEA Volta Provincial Electricity Authority and it is another important step that Panus Assembly has joined with the Office of Science Development.

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