Panus joins hands with partners to research and test electric motorcycles with a master battery swap system

Panus Assembly Co., Ltd. with partner research agencies Under the research fund, BMTA participated in testing electric motorcycles with a prototype battery switching system developed. Before the official launch of the research project.

Panus Assembly Co., Ltd. wants to be a part of helping Thailand. can continue to develop their own technology to help reduce global warming and help reduce fuel costs for users and aims to develop business to commercial by developing technology and systems for zero-emission vehicles (Zero Emission Vehicle), which has developed a new business in Micromobility that uses a battery swapping system (Battery Swapping System) and develops an application platform with Naresuan University by receiving a joint research budget from the Capital Administrative Unit for Increasing Competitiveness of the Country (PorKhor.) under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (TSU).

In the early stages It will be a practical test of electric motorcycles with a self-developed battery switching system in the area of ​​Chonburi Province. It has received attention from various sectors, for example government agencies such as Saensuk Municipality. Private conglomerates such as Grab Express Delivery Company, The Oho Group Company Limited, which is Local Food Delivery, and educational institutions such as Burapha University.

On Monday, November 22, 2021, Phanat Assembly Company Limited, led by Mr. Phanat Wattanachai, Chief Executive Officer, Khun Thanyaporn Orpong, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Wimon Saenum, Director Innovation Business Strategy Unit The company’s expert researchers in the Light Electric Vehicles segment opened the test of the prototype battery swap platform. To develop electric motorcycle business for riders, student groups government agency and general interested persons, with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Watcharin Kasalak, President of Burapha University, Dr. Nattaphan Thanomsat, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Dr. Atita On-Uan, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Information Science. Burapha University, including Asst. Prof. Dr. Ananchai Yookaew, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Naresuan University Join to honor and test the actual use at the new factory area. Before the official launch of the project

CEO of Panus Assembly,
Mr Panus Watanachai said

Panus Assembly, a 100% Thai company, has set up a strategy for electric vehicles covering the entire value chain. It is an important engine to drive a new economy (New Economy), especially in the area of ​​Express Delivery that has grown exponentially. The important pain point is a simple electric charging system that takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery from zero, that normally takes several hours.”

In the business world, if you want to be competitive More suitable technology needs to be developed. therefore foreseen that Battery Switching Platform May be able to play a role in solving this problem. This allows commercial users to continue earning. This is seen from the success of battery switching technology development in foreign countries such as the Republic of China (Taiwan).

In addition, the Company has Smart City Development strategies in the EEC area, for example: 1. Joint development of manpower with Burapha University. to contribute to the development of technology towards a green university to strengthen and develop knowledge and experience in the use of pollution-free technology; Want to develop into a smart city to support economic expansion and create quality of life for people in the area, etc.

Dr. Wimon Saen-um added that Panas Assembly Company is a Thai company. designed and developed technically with Naresuan University Under the process of pre-production quality planning and control plan The platform consists of electric motorcycle Electrical and Mechatronics of Battery Switching Stations including applications and cloud computing It will open for testing in Bangsaen for a period of 3 months to collect large data for technical analysis and driving behavior. to further develop to meet the needs of Thai people

In terms of business, the Company views that this business can grow by leaps and bounds commercially in the form of Startup, focusing on the Smart Cities market, making it different from the daily rental. to be a pay system when used (Pay-Per-Use) or User-Based Rental (UBR) only pay how much you drive. which is a modern business model Delivering true value to users There is also a plan to expand the B2B franchise by delivering stations with fleet of vehicles for tourism in cities or islands, universities, government agencies, state enterprises or business operators. First-and-Last Mile Delivery is also covered. Insurance services, leasing, facilitation of after-sales and maintenance services through application and on-site, and including standard maintenance centers.

The launch of the prototype battery swapping platform for the electric motorcycle was well received by the testers. It can reduce the cost of fuel as well. The electric motorcycle has excellent performance. There is a high level of safety that can be controlled by the system of the car. There is a battery swap system that is easy to use and convenient. Early user support is available. and is ready to expand commercially


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